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“He’s probably dying for someone to ask him what it means. I plan to google it later.” I'll rush through the intro so I can get to talking about the book and I am so excited. *squeals* It's the last day of senior year for Rowan Roth and her high-school nemesis Neil McNair. Both high-achievers,... Continue Reading →

I Miss The People I’ve Never Met

artist: mouni fedagg I miss the people I've never met. I miss dealing with strangers: the short but tense eye contacts, the subtle maneuvering of limbs to prevent touching, the lookout for a familiar face in a sea of unknowns. The smiles you pass on because you can never be kind enough; clutching onto your... Continue Reading →

The Mistress of Silence

There are days when I feel terribly weak; my will no more than this wispy, frail thing. And on those days, I continuously find myself moments away from relinquishing to anyone who might be so kind to lend an ear a most tumultuous truth. Weak, because the burden is large and my arms grow weary.... Continue Reading →

Magnus Rhymes with Swagness

The Ship of the Dead by Rick RiordanMy rating: 5 of 5 stars"The world will end. The big picture cannot be changed. But in the meantime, as Loki once said, we can choose to alter the details. That's how we take control of our destiny. Sometimes, even Loki can be right."Would you believe me if... Continue Reading →

Emma-Volume 1

A few weeks past marked the two years since Emma had been sitting in my shelf, covered in dust, with no hopes of being handled by the human touch- for on a whim it was bought, and was forgotten just as quickly. Yes, I talk of none other than the book by Jane Austen. It... Continue Reading →

A Happy-For-Now Moment

Beach Read by Emily HenryMy rating: 5 of 5 stars"…instead of trying to convince myself that somedayeverything would be okay, I focused on the fact that,right now, it already was."Five Perfect StarsYou know, when I say I love reading romance, this book is exactly what I mean.The story revolves around once-college-rivals January Andrews (bestselling romance... Continue Reading →

One Step Forward, 356 Pages Back

Wayward Son by Rainbow RowellMy rating: 1 of 5 starsYes, well, the fact of the matter is that I DNFed it half-way through-and I'm not sorry for it.I was skeptical when I began it, and unfortunately, my fears rang true. It took me a month to even consider the possibility of reading it because I... Continue Reading →


The city I live in is rather small so sometimes it’s very easy to see its edges, especially with mountains looming in the background. I can see those mountains from the roof of my house. In one particular spot, on top of the mountains, lies a cluster of restaurants and cafes. At night, the mountains... Continue Reading →

On Love’s Light Wings!

Two things that can lighten up my mood on any given day: tea (in my favorite mug), and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. Never underestimate the power of a good book with a nice cup of tea. Okay, maybe, underestimate it a little so that you're surprised about it every single time and the experience... Continue Reading →

Soul for Senses, Senses for Soul

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar WildeMy rating: 4 of 5 starsFirst and foremost, before commenting on the book, I'd like to propose the theory that Alan Campbell, who happened to be a good friend of Dorian's for a limited amount of time, was a homosexual. Because Dorian was the only one that knew... Continue Reading →

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